Just Launched: the Multi-Rotor Vortex UAV from Atlanta Hobby

613_vortex_atlanta_hobby Just Launched: the Multi-Rotor Vortex UAV from Atlanta HobbyCumming, Ga.-based Atlanta Hobby says it has officially unveiled its new Vortex unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Designed and built in America through a partnership with MN Aerospace, the multi-rotor hexacopter is produced on aerospace-grade 3D printers. This produces a flight-ready airframe that is lighter but significantly stronger than traditional airframes, the company explains.

The Vortex incorporates the DJI E600 series propulsion system, giving the aircraft a flight duration of over 25 minutes with payload. Mated with a three-axis-stabilized gimbal and GoPro camera, the company says, the Vortex is a stable, long-flying aerial filming platform.

The UAV is also capable of mounting FLIR thermal imagers and is fully compatible with the DJI Lightbridge high-definition video downlink system and Ground Station waypoint-based autonomous flight system – making it a solution for most commercial or law enforcement/first responder applications, Atlanta Hobby says.

Each part can be constructed in several different colors for a wide array of design options, and custom colors are available for special orders.

Atlanta Hobby recently said it would be showcasing the new Vortex at the 2014 Sunbelt Ag Expo, held Oct. 14-16 in Moultrie, Ga.


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