Introducing the Propeller-Less ‘Nano Tornado’ UAV

Introducing the Propeller-Less 'Nano Tornado' UAVPolyhelo, a company founded by former Caltech scientists, says it has created a propeller-less unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that takes the fear out of drones and is nearly indestructible.

Called the Nano Tornado flyer, the aircraft is built around ducted fan technology, which is safely enclosed inside the vehicle body. It does not have exposed spinning parts, so the drone can get closer to objects without the risk of damaging its surroundings or itself, according to Polyhelo.
The aircraft does not require the operator to assemble or disassemble parts; therefore, there is no risk of putting pieces on incorrectly and no time delay while preparing to fly, the company says.

The Indiegogo campaign for the Nano Tornado can be found here.

The Polyhelo team recently reached its Kickstarter funding goal for the C-mi drone, what CEO Mark Richardson calls “a pro drone for everyone.”


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