Insurance Company Set to Leverage Drones

Allstate says it is prepared to mobilize a “fleet of drones” in Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas in order to help assess property damage that might occur during the states’ coming storm season.

The company notes that this initiative is the “largest use of drones to date and represents a major step forward in the use of aerial imagery for property damage assessment among insurers.”

“Aerial imagery is key innovative technology that can improve the speed and efficiency of our property inspection process and help us deliver a faster, more modernized claim experience for our customers,” explains Glenn Shapiro, Allstate’s chief claims officer.

Allstate will determine if an aerial inspection is appropriate for each wind or hail damage claim and will get permission from the customer to use a drone for assessment. The images and data will then be submitted to a group of adjusters who have been hand-selected to handle estimates virtually for this controlled deployment.

After the initial deployment in four states, Allstate will consider using aerial imagery in other parts of the country to assess wind and hail claims, as well as for other types of losses.

“In tests leading up to this deployment, our customers have embraced the technology and have been pleased with the speed and accuracy of the process,” Shapiro adds.


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