Industrial Skyworks Rolls out UAV Inspection Software

Drone inspections provider Industrial Skyworks has rolled out Blue VU, desktop software to augment the inspection of buildings and oil and gas infrastructure.

Industrial Skyworks says its new software will relieve inspectors, engineers and technicians from sifting through thousands of images captured by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and provide visual access to hard-to-reach locations, such as the roofs of buildings, flare stacks and storage tanks.

Among other features, Blu VU creates a customized database for structuring, recording and digitizing anomalies (such as rust, hotspots or cracks) from the UAV imagery. It also automatically generates building inspection reports, which can be exported into GIS and CAD formats.

“With Blue VU, we’re able to offer our clients a complete solution, from drone technology to desktop data, that uniquely powers remote inspections, thereby lowering costs while increasing safety outcomes,” says Michael Cohen, CEO of Skyworks. “Finally, remote building and oil and gas inspections are possible.”


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