Honeywell and Intel Establish Their Own UAV Inspection Service

In collaboration with Intel, Fortune 100 industrial technology company Honeywell has launched its first commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) inspection service, the Honeywell InView, to help industrial customers improve critical structure inspections and increase employee safety.

As announced by Intel yesterday, the Honeywell InView will combine the Intel Falcon 8+ drone; Honeywell’s experience in the aerospace and industrial industries; and data-driven software customized to the needs of the utility, energy, infrastructure, and oil and gas industries.

The inspection service package – which includes the UAV, pilot app and customizable Web portal – helps customers organize and create standards around their routine and crisis-response inspections. For example, the service can help utility customers create routine inspections of transmission and distribution systems and generate data that can be stored, searched and accessed from in the office and out in the field on demand.

Honeywell says it will provide certified drone pilots, along with the right UAV and sensors for the jobs; then, the pilot will work with the client to capture the appropriate data, which can then be examined in a tablet. In the end, the client will be able to have “enhanced visualization” of its infrastructure, as well as “customized reporting and analytics,” the company says.

“We are incredibly pleased to collaborate with Honeywell on this exciting new business opportunity,” comments Anil Nanduri, general manager of Intel’s UAV business group. “The safety, flight precision and robust performance of the Intel Falcon 8+ system are a perfect fit for the Honeywell InView inspection service and will allow its customers to inspect, collect and analyze valuable data in a whole new way.”

In collaboration with Intel, Honeywell says it will use its own diverse set of businesses to give customers a comprehensive solution.

“Technology, along with the Internet of Things, is enabling utilities around the world to modernize the management of their energy grids,” says Nitin S. Kulkarni, president of smart energy for Honeywell Home and Building Technologies. “Honeywell brings together the technology that allows utilities to transform how energy is consumed in homes and buildings with software-based systems that help safely and efficiently manage complex industrial facilities and utility grids. Honeywell also has more than 100 years of experience providing dependable products and services to a variety of industries, of which Honeywell InView inspection service is the latest entry.”


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