Hockey Fans Celebrate Championship by Wrecking UAV

355_146185813 Hockey Fans Celebrate Championship by Wrecking UAVAfter the Los Angeles Kings recently won the NHL Stanley Cup Championship, congregating fans took their celebrations to a more destructive level by taking down and wrecking an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

A video posted on YouTube shows a DJI Phantom 2 hovering over the crowd at the Staples Center in Los Angeles while objects are repeatedly tossed in the aircraft's direction. ‘They're trying to hit the drone out of the sky!’ a man is heard saying before erupting into laughter.

As noted in the description box, a t-shirt is eventually the winner in successfully taking down the UAV before the vehicle is “smashed” with a skateboard – while the seemingly engaged crowd erupts in cheers.

Several comments on the video and other media reports suggest that the aircraft belonged to the LAPD, who recently acquired two UAVs for future use; however, the LAPD has the Draganflyer X6, not the DJI Phantom 2.

The video footage can be found here.


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