HAZON Brings Fresh New Features to Drone Management System

Virginia Beach, Va.-based HAZON Solutions has launched the latest version of its HAZON Drone Management System (HAZON DMS). Only four weeks after the system’s initial release, HAZON has added two new features, “lessons learned” and “incident reporting,” to further promote safety and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) compliance for drone operations.

HAZON DMS is a secure, patent-pending, Web-based management tool providing drone operators – from hobbyists to large enterprises – with a way to manage their drone program.

The new lessons learned feature allows users to rapidly capture and share critical information and develop best practices quickly, says HAZON. Additionally, incident reporting allows drone operators the ability to easily record and catalog incidents.

The update also includes enhancements to qualifications tracking. Users can still develop unlimited, unique qualifications but now can add expirations to those qualifications with automatic pop-up reminders, the company explains.

“Actively managing qualifications is fundamental to safety management,” states Ed Hine, HAZON’s director of drone capability development. “For decades, manned aviation has tracked periodic and recurrent training with fantastic risk-mitigation results. Why should unmanned aviation be any different? It’s an aviation industry best practice and key to developing a safe and effective workforce. We will continue to develop and deploy new features focusing on safety, compliance and management efficiencies.”


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