Flyox I Amphibious UAV Takes off for First Flight

Flyox I Amphibious UAV Takes off for First FlightSingular Aircraft's Flyox I, an amphibious unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can take off and land on both land and water, recently completed its maiden testing flight.
The aircraft, with a payload of 1,850 kg and a range of 8,300 km, comes in four basic configurations: surveillance, fire-fighting, cargo and agriculture. Singular says it will configure the platform for each customer's intended operation.

The UAV is able to take off and land on any surface; however, for the purpose of this test, the flight was conducted on a paved runway, and landing was in a swamp area.

The results of these tests, which took place in Hofn, Iceland, will allow Singular Aircraft to implement necessary improvements and start the production phase of the UAV.

The company, which has facilities in Spain and Malta and a sales office in London, says it has been conducting research and development of the Flyox I UAV for four years.

A video of the flight can be found here.
Photos courtesy of Singular Aircraft/YouTube: the Flyox I before flight; during flight; the ground control station


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