Florida College to Teach UAS for Environmental Purposes

Florida College to Teach UAS for Environmental PurposesTallahassee Community College's Wakulla Environmental Institute (WEI) in Florida is offering a certificate program in the operation of drones/unmanned systems for environmental purposes.

The program is designed to provide an introduction to the aerial, surface and underwater systems. WEI partnered with the Gulf Unmanned Systems Center to create and offer the certificate.

The program will involve hands-on, classroom and online instruction and will teach the students UAS flying regulations, data collection and interpretation, and properties of the vehicles themselves.

Registration for the 12-week course is $500 per student. Course work is divided into three areas:

  • Introduction to drones/unmanned technologies;
  • Application of drones/unmanned technologies to environmental issues; and
  • Ground school/flight school.

On June 5, the program will launch with an open house, featuring demonstrations of the unmanned technologies in use. The event is free and open to the public.

More information can be found here.


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