Flite Test Launches 15-Foot ‘Star Destroyer’ Drone

Fresh on the heels of the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie release, Flite Test, which refers to itself as a group of radio-controlled (RC) technology aficionados, says it has created a fully functioning “Star Destroyer” drone.

According to Wookieepedia, the Star Wars version of Wikipedia, the Star Destroyer refers to “a powerful, dagger-shaped line of capital ships that were put into use by both the Galactic Republic and Empire, as well as the First Order.”

Built out of foam and other everyday materials, the Star Destroyer is a whopping 15 feet long and is powered by two electric motors and a large, lithium-polymer battery. Flite Test says it had previously assembled a smaller model but then upgraded it to this version. stardestroyer-4-png_1450734199Launched from a truck to get it up to speed, the Star Destroyer, considering its enormous size, flies pretty well, according to Flite Test.

In a video entitled “Star Wars RC Star Destroyer – Will It Fly?,” the drone gets caught in a backyard space battle with an RC Millennium Falcon mounted on a Lumenier quadcopter drone, explains Flite Test. The footage of the Star Destroyer flight is captured by two first-person-view drones.

Flite Test says its goal is to provide a creative outlet for flight enthusiasts by blending humor, technology and information to create quality content and products.

The company’s full episode on the Star Destroyer can be found here.


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