Expect to See a GoPro Drone in 2016, Says CEO Woodman

1192_thinkstockphotos-159184329 Expect to See a GoPro Drone in 2016, Says CEO WoodmanWith CEO Nick Woodman's making it official, GoPro Inc. is reportedly set to come out with its own drone next year.

Last November, reports surfaced that the company, whose cameras are often affixed to drones, was planning its own line of unmanned aerial vehicles, which would be in the range of $500-$1,000, the Wall Street Journal had predicted.

At Re/Code's recent Code Conference, Woodman said in an interview that GoPro does, indeed, have a quadcopter in the works and will likely bring it to the market in the first half of next year, Re/Code says.

In the interview, Woodman said he sees an “opportunity in the quadcopter market” to “see our world from new perspectives,” as GoPro has provided with its line of cameras, he explained.

Woodman added that developing drones is something GoPro is “excited about across the company.”

GoPro is one of 16 companies that belong to the Small UAV Coalition, which advocates for the advancement of commercial/civil drones.

The entire Re/Code coverage can be found here.


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