‘Drones Made Easy’ Is Now Making Maps Easy, Too


A San Diego-based company says it is taking aerial mapping to a simpler, less expensive and easier-to-use level.

Drones Made Easy – which comprises a ‘bunch of engineers that saw a lot of confusion going on in the drone marketplace’ who are ‘uniquely qualified to take part in the burgeoning drone community,’ according to the company website – has created a Kickstarter campaign for their Web service, dubbed “Maps Made Easy.”

As of Aug. 14, the product has received over $33,000 in funding – already having surpassed its $30,000 goal on Aug. 8.

Maps Made Easy, the Kickstarter description explains, lets consumers upload their imagery from any aerial device (e.g., unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, airplanes) and develop a digital map with a resolution 20 times better than that of Google Maps.

Targeted clients of the app range from inspectors and monitors of solar panels, oil pipelines and construction to a more agricultural audience of farmers or landowners, according to the campaign.

The full Kickstarter page can be found here.

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