Drones Help Precious-Metal Mining Company Save Time and Money

Commercial drone solutions company Identified Technologies, based out of Pittsburgh, has entered into a partnership with SSR Mining Inc., which is using the company’s drone solution at its Marigold mine in Nevada.

SSR is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based mining company focused on the operation, development, exploration and acquisition of precious-metal projects.

Under the new partnership, SSR has been able to save both time and money by using drone technology, says Identified Technologies. With traditional methods, it took the mining company 20 hours of surveying and processing labor to obtain a detailed survey of a specific section of the mine site. However, when the team used Identified Technologies’ drone solution, the same results were achieved with one hour of work. This has allowed SSR to increase speed and productivity without increasing staffing costs.

Surveyors are updating the topography every week to measure mining progress, and mine operations executives are using 3D models in meetings to aid analysis work. In addition, multiple departments have used the technology to make their work more efficient and accurate, says Identified Technologies.

“Our clients often see 70 percent to 90 percent savings when using our services,” states Dick Zhang, CEO of Identified Technologies. “The fact that SSR Mining Inc. was able to utilize this technology across so many different sections of the business is remarkable and should set a new standard for productivity.”

A full case study on the partnership can be found here.


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