Drones Help Manage Heavy Traffic After Festival in Netherlands


The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment recently used three Altura Zenith ATX 8 drones from Aerialtronics to monitor heavy traffic leading to and from the Concert at Sea festival in Zeeland.

The drones monitored an area of 30 square kilometers and were supported with a wireless network connection provided by T-Mobile.

The aircraft, operated by Dutch company OmniworkX, were deployed to get a better grasp on traffic jams during the busy festival, which attracted more than 80,000 people. Traffic coordinators used a livestream camera connection to redirect traffic along a faster route.

“The additional value of the drones is huge. With the live images that the drone sent us, we could limit the creation of traffic, solve incidents faster and offer real-time traffic information,” says Gertske de Bruijn from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. “Many roads that lead to and from a festival location do not have fixed cameras that watch the traffic situation.”

MidLim, a police force in Belgium, is already using the Altura Zenith to complement operations in the Limburg region and has deployed it 70 times to search for missing persons, monitor traffic and control crowds, says Aerialtronics, which adds that the Zenith is also being tested by the fire service in the Netherlands and for search-and-rescue missions in Norway.
1302_aerialtronics_traffic Drones Help Manage Heavy Traffic After Festival in Netherlands

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