DroneGuard Kit Provides Customizable Quadcopter Storage

1083_lowepro_case DroneGuard Kit Provides Customizable Quadcopter StorageLowepro, a maker of carrying solutions for photographers, has launched the DroneGuard Kit, a grab-and-go quadcopter storage system.

Created to complement the shape of drones such as the DJI Phantom series and other similarly sized quadcopters, the DroneGuard Kit has a system of lightweight dividers and pockets to easily store and carry all parts of a complete kit, Lowepro explains.

A portable tray, built with a durable base and honeycomb interior, provides a foundation for the kit and doubles as a work surface. The kit also features grab handles and retention straps.

1083_dronekit_blah_blah DroneGuard Kit Provides Customizable Quadcopter Storage
Modular components include a battery box with adjustable dividers, drone sidewalls with slash pockets, and a remote/transmitter divider to keep all equipment safe, organized and within easy reach.

An elastic loop system enables organization of equipment such as blades, cords and other tools. Zippered side pockets serve as additional storage for essentials such as manuals, cables and extra cameras.

The DroneGuard Kit is priced at $99.99 or can be purchased in a bundle with a hard case, the Hardside 400 Drone, for $319.95. Kits are now available online for purchase in the U.S. and Canada.

Photo courtesy of Lowepro


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