DroneDeploy Receives ISO Security Certification


Commercial drone software company DroneDeploy has received ISO-27001 security certification.

Considered a holistic security certification that goes beyond IT concerns, ISO-27001 certification requires a comprehensive suite of security protocols be put in place designed to maximize the security of customer and employee data, explains DroneDeploy.

San Francisco-based DroneDeploy manages data on the tens of millions of acres mapped by more than 4,000 customers across 180 countries. Securing that data is a critical and massive requirement, the company says.

To meet the certification requirements, DroneDeploy says it undertook a systematic audit of all its information security risks, identifying threats, vulnerabilities and impacts; developed a suite of information security controls designed to address any and all security risks identified; and adopted a managerial plan that ensures coherent implementation of the security controls and constant vigilance in updating those controls to identify and meet new threats.

“Demonstrating a commitment to customer data security is essential for any business in the digital age,” the company says in a press release.

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