DroneDeploy Offers Service Provider Directory, Co-Branding

Cloud-based drone software company DroneDeploy has unveiled the Drone Mapping Directory, a drone mapping marketplace to connect businesses with drone service providers. At launch, the Drone Mapping Directory unites more than 250 drone service providers operating in 48 countries and servicing 10 industry verticals, according to DroneDeploy. The company has also announced the launch of a co-branded offering, which enables companies to brand their DroneDeploy portal and maps.

Starting today, businesses will be able to search DroneDeploy’s Drone Mapping Directory to identify and contact drone pilots and service providers for free based on their location and industry vertical, as well as get relevant information, such as a services description, insurance coverage, certifications and industry specializations.

DroneDeploy claims that because thousands of individuals have been certified as remote pilots under the FAA Part 107 since the rule went into effect, it has been difficult for businesses to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality drone service providers. The Drone Mapping Directory will help businesses better evaluate service provider quality by showcasing a provider’s previous drone mapping projects.

“Drone companies that invest in their customers’ growth help develop and advance the commercial drone industry as a whole,” stated Eric Harkins, founder and CEO of Back Forty Aerial Solutions. “DroneDeploy gets it, and their new operators network allows us to reach new customers while leveraging their software to grow our business.”

DroneDeploy says its software is used by businesses in over 130 countries, including thousands of drone service providers. Now with the release of co-branding, these service providers will have the opportunity to build brand awareness by prominently displaying their logo on the maps they share with prospects and clients.

“The drone service provider is the backbone of the drone economy,” said Mike Winn, co-founder and CEO of DroneDeploy. “They have been the early adopters and have exposed businesses globally to the benefits of fast and accurate aerial data. Now, more businesses than ever before are ready to adopt and scale their drone operations and needing service providers to help them. Our new Drone Mapping Directory and co-branded offering will help bring these parties together more efficiently and unlock value for everyone.”


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