DroneDeploy Offers New Construction Solutions


Drone software company DroneDeploy has launched new construction solutions to meet the industry’s growing demand for aerial site intelligence.

The new rollouts include a tool that simplifies photo collections of project progress; a partnership with Uplift Data Partners, an enterprise drone pilot network, enabling construction companies to scale drone operations faster; and a new Accuracy Package designed specifically for construction professionals.

According to DroneDeploy, Progress Photos allows customers to intuitively plan photo flights, automatically capture corner images, immediately create a visual timeline of a job site, and generate a replicable weekly progress report. The feature simplifies data collection workflows and consolidates data storage (including photos, maps and 3D models) in one easy-to-share platform, the company explains.

“Regular site progress reports offer context and add new dimensions to construction projects. However, it’s difficult to create consistent site imagery over the course of a project,” says Mike Winn, CEO of DroneDeploy. “Progress Photos solves this by creating a visual timeline of a project from start to finish. In doing so, it saves costs, keeps stakeholders informed and addresses safety risks.”

DroneDeploy recently launched Drone On Demand, a streamlined way for companies to collect drone aerial imagery and generate business insights. Now, the solution lets customers plan a flight and then request a certified professional drone pilot from DroneDeploy’s partner, Uplift Data Partners, to fly the mission and collect the aerial data – all in the DroneDeploy platform.

“Uplift Data Partners is a turnkey solution for construction companies to adopt drone data into their business operations. Customers simply tell us where they want us to fly; we fly, and they get engineering-grade data,” says Suzanne El-Moursi, president of Uplift Data Partners. “We’re proud to partner with DroneDeploy to allow a wider range of construction organizations to unlock the power of drone insights.”

Lastly, the company’s new Construction Accuracy package allows users to manage project workflows from an easy-to-use drone data platform, says DroneDeploy. Customers have unlimited ground control point location data and unlimited digital terrain models — plus Progress Photos and the tools, capabilities and support available in DroneDeploy’s higher-tier plans.

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