DroneDeploy Hits Milestone of 1 Million Flights


Commercial drone software company DroneDeploy says its customers have conducted a total of more than 1 million automated drone flights around the world.

According to Mike Winn, CEO of DroneDeploy, 2018 was “the most successful year” for the San Francisco-based company.

“We are proud to have helped our customers conduct more than 1 million flights and are setting our sights even higher in 2019,” he says.

The company says the milestone was made possible by the more than 4,000 DroneDeploy customers who used aerial data in industries such as construction, agriculture, energy and emergency management. The software has helped customers map more than 40 million acres across 180 countries. For comparison, the company announced a milestone of 10 million acres in 160 countries in March 2017, 5 million acres in 130 countries in August 2016 and 2 million acres in 100 countries in March 2016.

DroneDeploy says its success in 2018 came from onboarding a number of of construction companies. The company now serves hundreds of contractors, including Brasfield and Gorrie, Jacobs, Layton Construction, McCarthy Building Cos., Skanska, and Sundt Construction.

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