Drone Law: Another Firm Offers Legal Services

Missouri-based Sandler Law has launched a drone law practice to deliver legal services to designers, manufacturers and operators of unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

According to the law firm, UAS operators and related businesses function in an increasingly complex legal environment, and answers to many drone law questions are outside the traditional corporate law realm.

While aviation law remains essential to understanding the future of UAS regulations, Sandler adds that UAS operators and manufacturers must be mindful of tort and product liability laws, export controls and other provisions applicable to both the export and import of UAS and related technology, privacy laws around processing of personal data, and information technology security for aerial mapping data analysis.

Sandler says it offers guidance regarding manufacturing, export controls and import laws, privacy, intellectual property, commercialization and distribution, software as a service, international and domestic joint ventures, and international and domestic licensing.

The law firm is a member of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International.


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