Drone Aviation Creating New Line of Tethered, Commercial UAVs

947_drone_aviation Drone Aviation Creating New Line of Tethered, Commercial UAVsDrone Aviation Corp. (DAC) has launched WATT, the first model of the company's new line of commercial-grade, electric, tethered drones.

According to the company, the drone is designed to provide secure and reliable aerial monitoring for extended durations while being tethered to the ground via a high-strength, armored tether.

WATT, a turnkey system that can carry up to 10 pounds of payload, is suited for news gathering and industrial or emergency-response applications. It is also designed to comply with the Federal Aviation Administration’s proposed guidelines for commercial unmanned aircraft, says DAC.

The aircraft can hover in a stationary position directly above its launch site at one of several preset altitudes of up to 300 feet. Once airborne, a stabilized, HD-video imager can provide a 360-degree live monitoring feed, transmitted through the tether to its host vehicle while being wirelessly shared to a network of mobile devices.

The power system provides the ability to draw power parasitically from a host vehicle, such as TV production trucks, first-responder vehicles or common agriculture/infrastructure equipment with standard 120v/220v power. WATT can also independently provide up to eight hours of operation through its own ground power equipment.

“Over the next several months, we look forward to demonstrating WATT in various upcoming live exercises with our partners and proving its unique capability to support many applications in the rapidly developing global commercial drone marketplace,” says Felicia Hess, CEO of the company.

A video demonstrating WATT can be found here.


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