Drone Academy X Expands Reach to DJI Inspire 1

1092_drone_academy Drone Academy X Expands Reach to DJI Inspire 1Building on the success of its video series of drone education and safety for the DJI Phantom 2, Drone Academy X is now coming out with an edition for the DJI Inspire 1.

Available for digital download through DSLRPros.com, the nearly two-hour-long video gives drone pilots of any skill level the information they need to expertly operate their aircraft, including how to assemble, care for and pilot their DJI Inspire 1.

Drone Academy X is a licensee program – based on in-class courses and digital content – designed to educate and inform the public on safe and effective drone practices.

The host of Drone Academy X-Inspire 1 is Colin Burgess, an experienced drone pilot. Burgess’ co-host is film and television star Corey Feldman, who has over 40 years’ experience in the film industry.

Drone Academy X also now offers, through its licensing program, the opportunity to start a drone training business.


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