DJI Selects Vicon to Provide Motion-Capture System

464_dji_phantom DJI Selects Vicon to Provide Motion-Capture SystemOMG PLC, a technology group providing image-capture products for the entertainment, defense, life science and engineering industries, says its Vicon subsidiary has secured a contract with unmanned aerial systems (UAS) maker DJI Innovations.

When DJI sought a motion-capture system to help with its engine design, prototyping, and flight systems research and development, it chose Vicon's T40S system because it can capture high-speed movement of UAS outdoors and deliver data with sub-millimeter precision, OMG says.

Imogen Moorhouse, CEO of Vicon, says DJI is a “great new client” for the company.

“Our main aim is to guarantee the overall reliability and performance of DJI products,” comments Gary Zhou, engineer at DJI. “The Vicon system enables us to capture the movement of rotors at high speed, notice material deformation, and provides us with verifiable measurements we couldn’t record before.”


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