DJI Releases New Mobile Software Development Kit

In conjunction with its recently announced 2016 Developer Challenge with Ford Motor Co. and the United Nations Development Program, DJI has released a new software development kit (SDK) for both iOS and Android devices.

After listening to feedback from SDK users and partners, DJI says its engineers have re-written and simplified the SDK architecture from the ground up. The Mobile SDK 3.0 brings powerful new features and a more user-friendly interface that will enable developers to streamline and speed up the development process, the company explains.

It will support DJI’s latest aerial platforms, including the Phantom 3 series, Inspire 1 Pro and  Matrice 100, as well as the Zenmuse X3 and X5 cameras and the Osmo.

According to DJI, the SDK will underpin the developer challenge, which is now in its third year for the start-up and developer community. Participants will build their applications based on DJI’s SDK suite, including the new Mobile SDK 3.0, Onboard SDK and Guidance SDK.

The new mobile SDK provides more control over the drone’s onboard systems, including the camera, gimbal, flight status system, intelligent flight missions and flight control data. Other new features include as follows:

  • Removal of developer levels: a one-time application process where all developers get full access to the SDK suite and unlimited installation quota;
  • Mission manager and custom missions: allows developers to combine multiple missions and create a custom mission with less coding (e.g., quickly incorporating standard waypoints, follow-me functionality and return-to-waypoint commands); and
  • Bridge app and remote logger functionalities for iOS: application development tools that allow debugging, profiling and logging of the application in lab and field environments.

The Mobile SDK 3.0 will be available starting Jan. 9.


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