Desert Rotor Rolls out UAV-Agnostic Ground Control Station

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Desert Rotor, a self-funded start-up designing universal ground control systems, has released the next generation of its portable unmanned ground control station (GSC).

Featuring a “hands-on throttle and stick” (HOTAS) layout, the system eliminates pre-flight procedures and enables commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) users to pilot and manage countless types of drones, according to the company.

Desert Rotor notes that the system can be interfaced with virtually any type of aircraft, autopilot system and software available.

Starting at $9,000, the 12-channel GCS is integrated into a Pelican 1510 field case with a retractable luggage handle. It features an internal computer with a panel-mounted keyboard and mouse. In addition, the GCS offers dual, 10.4-inch, sunlight-viewable LCD screens; a retractable, three-axis flight control stick; a two-axis camera gimbal stick; a precision throttle slide; and a custom on-screen display.

Desert Rotor is also offering aerospace companies the ability to OEM the platform and sell it as their own.

12PCX-Transport-Logo Desert Rotor Rolls out UAV-Agnostic Ground Control Station


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