Dayton College Opens National UAS Training and Certification Center


1456_red_ribbon_cutting Dayton College Opens National UAS Training and Certification CenterSinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, has cut the ribbon on its National UAS Training and Certification Center.

According to Sinclair, the $5 million facility will provide new opportunities for students to work with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) technologies in an immersive and hands-on environment.

Features include the renovation of 28,000 square feet of the college’s Building 13 to house learning spaces, a wind tunnel, engine testing capabilities, an expanded simulation lab, sensors and avionics stations, and advanced and additive manufacturing machinery.

The facility will also support the integration of Sinclair’s manned aviation programs by housing two simulation training devices and resources for the college's airframe and power plant mechanic program.

The Ohio Controlling Board provided $4 million for the facility this spring, and Sinclair added a $1 million internal investment.

According to Sinclair, the center will be one of the only programs in the nation to provide training for both manned aviation and UAS.

The 20-seat UAS simulation lab features three simulation systems – from AEgis Technologies, Simlat Ltd. and L-3 Link – with the ability to connect to existing Sinclair ground control stations.

Indoor flight facilities, including the 35,000-square-feet UAS indoor flight range and the indoor flying pavilion, opening in November, provide space for flight training and testing prototypes and sensors.

Steve Johnson, president of Sinclair Community College, says the new center ‘puts the Dayton region at the forefront of what's shaping up to be the next step in aviation technology.’

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