CT Audubon Society Announces No-Drone Policy

Citing concerns of disturbance to wildlife and annoyance to visitors, the Connecticut Audubon Society says it has banned the use of drones at all 19 of its sanctuaries.

Although there has been only one recent drone spotting at a Connecticut Audubon sanctuary, the organization says it is instituting the ban in anticipation of increasing use of the technology across the nation.

The Connecticut Audubon Society’s 19 sanctuaries, covering 2,600 acres, are located in Fairfield, Westport, Weston, Redding, New Milford/Bridgewater, Hampton, Milford, Pomfret, Goshen, Haddam, East Haddam, Montville, Middletown and Stonington.

“No creature – great or small, human or wildlife – visits our sanctuaries hoping to be buzzed by a drone,” states Alexander Brash, president of the society. “We are taking this action to protect the birds and animals that consider our sanctuaries home and to ensure that our sanctuaries are also a place of respite for our human guests, too.”

Peter Kunkel, chairman of the Connecticut Audubon Society’s board of directors, adds, “Among other rules, motor boats and vehicles are already prohibited in our sanctuaries, so banning drones is the logical next step. We believe our sanctuaries are where the state’s wildlife should have a chance to live unharassed and where humans should be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.”


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