Congressman Stung With Criticism After Drone Films His Wedding


412_stk307071rkn Congressman Stung With Criticism After Drone Films His WeddingRep. Sean Patrick Maloney, D-N.Y., is receiving some backlash after having his lavish wedding to partner Randy Florke filmed with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and then posting the footage on Twitter.

According to a New York Daily News blog, conservatives wrote a post on America Rising, calling it the “most extravagant wedding video of all time,” with an “elaborate fireworks display and drones to film the day’s events.”

The conservatives wrote that for most people, weddings are simply about seeing friends and family and “celebrating the exciting future of two newlyweds” – implying that the congressman took it too far and is not acting relatable to the “common man,” the Daily News reports.

The footage, uploaded to YouTube by Propellerheads Photography, shows the couple emerging from the venue and being greeted with showers of rice from the massive crowd. After spanning the guests milling about the yard, the video ends with an intimate view of fireworks. Other than the bright “married” sign in the middle, the show appears not much different from any other fireworks display that has been filmed with a UAV in recent times.

Tim Miller – America Rising’s executive director, who is openly gay – explained to the Daily News that Rep. Maloney’s marrying a man is irrelevant. He said that the criticism stems solely from the fact that he “chose to videotape it via drone and tweet it as if there was nothing exceptional or unusual about that.”

The entire Daily News blog can be found here.

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