Canadian Roofing Company Expects UAVs to Save Workers’ Lives


949_gettyimages_451887741 Canadian Roofing Company Expects UAVs to Save Workers' LivesGeneral Roofing Systems Canada (GRS) says it is developing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology to work alongside roofing staff in an effort to save lives and increase roof repair productivity.

“The two most significant challenges we face as roof repair contractors are providing a safe workplace for staff and meeting budgets. Cutting-edge drone technology is the first significant advancement in many years to assist in both areas,” explains Tyler Sinclair, vice president of marketing at GRS.

“The roof repair business is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. We will send more workers home safe at night to their families, and jobs will have a better chance of coming in on budget with efficiencies gained by using drones,” he says.

He adds that the company is “in the testing and regulatory phase” and expects the technology to be implemented by roofing contractors by the end of 2015. “The primary barrier to entry is not technology – it will be regulatory,” says Sinclair.

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