Beckett Debuts Self-Monitoring Li-ion Battery for Unmanned Systems


558_beckett_battery Beckett Debuts Self-Monitoring Li-ion Battery for Unmanned SystemsNorth Ridgeville, Ohio-based Beckett Energy Systems has introduced its model 8124S energy system – a self-monitoring lithium-ion battery for unmanned vehicles.

According to the company, the solution is a lightweight, energy-dense, stand-alone battery. The battery management system/controller and communications are inside the module for a complete, independent energy storage system. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are among the systems in which the solution can be used, Beckett says.

The internal battery management system measures the temperature, voltage and current of the module; ensures that individual cells in the module remain in balance; and disconnects the lithium-ion battery if any conditions reach a fault state.

State of charge is visible via LED indicator or can be communicated via serial data stream to a higher-level control.

At 24 VDC and 1.1 kWh of capacity, the model 8124S is suitable for applications where size, weight reduction and long life are important but where the higher capacity of a large format battery is required, the company explains.

Photo courtesy of Beckett

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