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The Importance of Insurance Coverage for Commercial Drone Operations

From disaster preparedness and workplace safety to autonomous deliveries and performance arts, companies worldwide increasingly rely on drones as a natural extension of their...

Eight Stages of the Commercial Drone Technology Evolution

The commercial drone technology ecosystem has come a long way in the last half-decade. Enterprises around the world that have spent several years exploring...

The Importance of Advanced Weather Data for Commercial Drone Operations

In December 2016, Amazon executed its first customer delivery by drone outside of Cambridge, the U.K., and more recently, the e-commerce giant’s patent was...
solar eclipse

Everything You Need to Know About Flying Your Drone During the Solar Eclipse

What if you had the chance to film something 55 miles wide traveling just over Mach3 with your drone? As it turns out, on...
mit drone

Miniaturizing the Brain of a Drone

Method for designing efficient computer chips may get miniature smart drones off the ground, says MIT News. In recent years, engineers have worked to shrink...

Engineers Design Drones That Can Stay Aloft for Five Days

New design could provide communication support in disaster zones, says MIT News.In the event of a natural disaster that disrupts phone and Internet systems...
mit drones

Classroom Earth: Drones over Death Valley

Professor Kristin Bergmann and her class used innovative technology to explore the sedimentary history of the Carrara Formation in California's Death Valley, according to...

Drones in Newsgathering: What to Keep in Mind for Safe, Legal Ops

Those who work in news and media have a specific set of challenges and concerns when it comes to drones. Let’s take a closer...
industrial jobsites

How Drones Are Saving Lives at Industrial Jobsites

Seeking better ways to inspect jobsites and identify potential hazards, many companies are increasingly turning to mapping via unmanned aircraft system.

Producing Consistent Drone Data in Farming – Regardless of the Weather

When you are a service provider with high client expectations, you need to be able to obtain quality results on a regular basis. When...

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