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Classroom Earth: Drones over Death Valley

Professor Kristin Bergmann and her class used innovative technology to explore the sedimentary history of the Carrara Formation in California's Death Valley, according to...

Drones in Newsgathering: What to Keep in Mind for Safe, Legal Ops

Those who work in news and media have a specific set of challenges and concerns when it comes to drones. Let’s take a closer...
industrial jobsites

How Drones Are Saving Lives at Industrial Jobsites

Seeking better ways to inspect jobsites and identify potential hazards, many companies are increasingly turning to mapping via unmanned aircraft system.

Producing Consistent Drone Data in Farming – Regardless of the Weather

When you are a service provider with high client expectations, you need to be able to obtain quality results on a regular basis. When...
MIT drone robot hackers

Security for Multirobot Systems

Cybersecurity work being conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology could have "important implications" for technology such as autonomous cars and unmanned aircraft systems.

Drones Assist at Historic Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, U.S. Army Joint Exercise

History was made at the Port of Miami, Fla., this past Saturday, Feb. 18, as a fleet of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), consisting of...

Three Things Drone Mapping Brings to the Golf Industry

The emerald golfing greens have seen better days. According to the U.S.’ National Golf Foundation, the number of players has almost steadily declined from...

So, You Want a Safe and Efficient sUAS Operations Business?

Increasing productivity while lowering costs is the business of every non-recreational drone operator, explains Skyward's lead remote pilot.

Doubling Battery Power of Consumer Electronics

New lithium metal batteries could make smartphones, drones and electric cars last twice as long, according to a new report from MIT News.

A Sit-Down With Drone Photographer Eric Cheng: Five Industry Insights

In an interview with Skyward, Cheng, DJI's former director of aerial imaging, answers five questions pertaining to the commercial drone industry, including advice for novice pilots.

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