Australian EPA’s Drone Uncovers License Breach at Landfill

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) of Victoria, Australia, has used its drone to capture footage of a license breach at a landfill – in turn, leading to B.T.Q Group’s being fined more than AUD $7,700.

Daniel Hunt, EPA metro manager, says the drone captured photographs and video footage of extensive areas of exposed waste at the end of the day.

“Under its license, B.T.Q Group is required to put at least 30 centimeters of soil cover on exposed waste to prevent it being blown about by the elements and leaving the property,” Hunt says, adding that EPA officers used the unmanned aircraft as part of a landfill compliance surveillance program at the site on Jan. 17.

“The footage captured clearly shows multiple operational areas on the premises with visible waste such as plastic, concrete, steel and wood that indicates that it has not been adequately covered at the end of operations for the day, as required under its EPA license,” Hunt explains.

He adds that the EPA will continue to hold landfill operators accountable through further landfill compliance surveillance programs.


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