Audi Takes a Jab at ‘Frighteningly Common’ UAVs

969_drone_package Audi Takes a Jab at 'Frighteningly Common' UAVsGerman car manufacturer Audi has featured a swarm of attacking unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in a commercial for its new technology in the Audi A6.

In the description on its YouTube video, Audi says, ‘Hi-tech advancements like drones are becoming frighteningly common. But Audi wants to remind us that technology doesn’t have to be scary.’

In the commercial, a fleet of small UAVs – some holding packages, a likely reference to Amazon Prime Air – buzzes around and tries to fly down on a number of people in the parking lot of a building. The UAVs wreak havoc by crashing into windows, power lines and other structures, while the people run frantically away from the aircraft.

Before stating, “Advanced technology doesn’t have to be intimidating,” Audi features one man driving complacently away – in his Audi, with new GPS technology to guide him – from the scene of the drones.

“Inspired by Hitchcock’s The Birds, Audi shows how the available advanced technology in the new Audi A6 is the opposite of intimidating,” the company writes.

The commercial can be found here.


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