Another New Franchise for Drone as a Service Company Measure

Measure, a U.S. provider of drone services for enterprise customers, has expanded its local presence to Ohio with a new franchise location serving the Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus markets.

Headquartered in Loveland, the new Measure office provides businesses in the construction, real estate, telecommunications and energy industries with drone-based infrastructure inspections.

“We felt that the Ohio market lacked options when it came to commercial drone services, especially as it pertains to inspections for enterprise organizations that want to improve their processes and reduce risk to their workforce,” says Carrie Seddon, vice president of Measure Ohio. “We saw a gap and are excited to fill it for our community through the Measure franchise.”

Each industry-specific solution was developed by Measure’s corporate team, proven through thousands of completed missions and standardized to ensure safe, legal and insured flights and accurate data capture, the company says.

“Part of my background includes infrared inspections of commercial rooftops for moisture issues,” says Joel Lundeen, president and chief pilot of Measure Ohio. “When I discovered that infrared cameras could be attached to drones and eliminate the risks of climbing roofs at night, I knew it was a game-changer that could also benefit other kinds of businesses.”

Earlier this month, the Drone as a Service company announced its new Denver-area franchise. In September, Measure opened up its first franchise, located in Springfield, Ill.

“Our franchise program is designed to bring our national drone services capabilities to key geographic markets that have a critical mass of businesses in need of improved infrastructure inspection strategies,” notes Dan Rothfeld, Measure’s senior vice president of franchising. “Joel and Carrie give us an important beachhead in south and central Ohio, advancing our efforts to build a nationwide franchise network that can build face-to-face relationships with local businesses needing our services.”


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