An Inside Look At UAV Potential For Cinematography

321_dji_ronin An Inside Look At UAV Potential For CinematographyVidMuze, a company that is concentrating its business on supporting the filmmaking industry, has released its Multi-Rotor Tutorial Series for Filmmakers – a collection of footage and information aimed specifically at those interested in aerial cinematography.

‘The price continues to drop every day, making multi-rotors more affordable for filmmakers,’ says Mike Gentilini Jr., founder and owner of VidMuze. ‘The technology is exciting, [but] often people start flying without understanding the safety rules and regulations.’

The tutorial addresses safe flying techniques and redundant backup systems to minimize the risk of UAV crashes. It also looks at the ‘balance of science and art’ that goes into successfully creating aerial footage.

‘Piloting a drone is the science, but that is merely half of the equation,’ the company says. ‘The art is being able to compose and capture the stunning images that only these aircraft are able to reach.’

The video series additionally explains the various multi-rotor types, from quadcopters to hexacopters to octocopters – the heavy lifters.

‘Most people start out with a quadcopter, but more advanced users will want to upgrade to the larger ships because of increased stability and [the ability to lift] heavier cinema cameras,’ Gentilini says.

More information about and ordering details for the Multi-Rotor Tutorial Series for Filmmakers are available here.

Photo: The DJI Ronin Handheld Gimbal System


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