AltiGator and YellowScan Announce LiDAR-Integrated UAV

AltiGator and YellowScan have teamed up to offer a lightweight, LiDAR-integrated UAV, which the companies say is ideal for centimetric UAV surveys in urban areas. Specifically, the YellowScan Surveyor standalone LiDAR system is embedded on Altigator’s OnyxStar XENA multirotor UAV.

With a total takeoff weight of 5.6 kg, including the YellowScan Surveyor system, the aircraft can navigate autonomously up to 25 minutes with one single battery and can also lift a combined camera to mix LiDAR scanning and photogrammetry, according to the companies.

Compact, light and foldable, XENA is a versatile “off-roader” type of drone that can be transported either in a small case or even in a backpack – making it the ideal solution to perform survey, mapping, environmental and mining monitoring of areas on any type of field, the companies add.



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