Alarm System Aims to Reunite Lost UAVs with Owners

570_177843422 Alarm System Aims to Reunite Lost UAVs with OwnersUnmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) start-up Dragon Avionics LLC has developed a device to help operators locate their lost aircraft.

The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign of its product, dubbed Screamy, which is a small and lightweight alarm that attaches to a vehicle and emits a loud tone under certain conditions.

According to the fundraising page, the device weighs in at nine grams and is the size of a quarter. The alarm can be heard within 1/8 of a mile (660 feet) and will run a total of three days in its “active mode” (when the alarm goes off once every four seconds).

The technology is triggered under several scenarios during a UAV’s flight: when the R/C transmitter loses its signal, the battery voltage is low, the general-purpose input/output signal is low or the user-defined timer on the device runs out.

Screamy’s durable design withstands stringent environmental testing and can be configured to meet individual customer specifications and requirements, the company says in a press release.

“UAV builders and R/C aircraft distributors are looking for solutions to help their customers recover lost aircraft in a quick and simple way,” says Kelly Miller, founder of Dragon Avionics. “This campaign allows Dragon Avionics to take Screamy from development into production, allowing for the distribution of the product to the world. It will get Screamy into the hands of those who need it, thus making recovering lost aircraft easier and faster.”


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