Airogistic Introduces the DroneDome for UAV Test Flights

    Airogistic LLC, an Austin, Texas-based developer of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) infrastructure products and services, has rolled out the DroneDome – an outdoor, netted shelter for testing UAVs.

    According to Airogistic, users can fly their UAVs in a controlled and safe environment. The freestanding structure comes in standard sizes but can also be customized (scales up to 100 cubic ft. and 30 ft. high). The standard dimensions are 10x10x10 ft., 20x20x15 ft. and 30x30x20 ft.

    Additional features include a retractable UAV entry/exit hatch, a retractable floor safety net, video recording and monitoring, personnel/drone activity detection, a personnel gate with safety interlock, a secure 2.4 GHz WiFi IP network and DronePort 900 MHz IP network, a GPS CORS network, utility power outlets, CAT6 ethernet networking, overhead stadium lighting, and a ground station work tent.

    Event rentals are available, and the structure can be portable or permanent.


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