AirMap Rolls out Real-Time Geofencing Alerts


AirMap, an airspace management platform for drones, has added real-time geofencing alerts to its mobile app on iOS and Android.

Available for free, the feature alerts pilots of their DJI drone’s in-flight positioning and offers a visual and/or verbal alert when their aircraft approaches airspace that is unsafe for drone operations. Additionally, the alerts are available to developer partners and OEMs via a mobile SDK for iOS and Android, notes AirMap.

Specifically, the app alerts pilots when they are approaching, are on the edge of or are intersecting geofenced airspace areas in which drone flight is regulated (orange), restricted or prohibited (red). If the pilot’s drone’s positioning is less than 30 seconds from entering a new airspace boundary, AirMap displays a warning message onscreen and verbally announces the warning with the appropriate message, such as “Approaching Class B airspace.”

The feature is now available in the AirMap for Drones mobile app on iOS and Android. It is available only for operators of DJI drones with the AirMap for Drones fly mode.


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