AirMap, Kongsberg Provide Real-Time Airspace Awareness for UAS Pilots

Kongsberg Geospatial, an Ottawa, Ontario-based developer of real-time, mission-critical, geospatial visualisation software, and AirMap, an airspace management platform for drones, recently announced a new collaboration: AirMap’s real-time airspace services will be delivered to users of the Kongsberg Geospatial IRIS unmanned aircraft system (UAS) situational awareness display.

Kongsberg Geospatial says it has been providing technology for military UAS platforms for over a decade and is now working with groups in the U.S. and Canada to develop a simple, portable display for civilian UAS operators. The company says the platform will provide operators with a unified situational awareness picture, combining a wide range of live data feeds into an easy-to-understand display format that will enable drone flight beyond the visual line of sight.

AirMap’s airspace data – which includes information about airspace advisories and requirements, as well as live data about wildfires, temporary flight restrictions, and other flight-critical events – will be visualized by the IRIS display in 2D and 3D.

Operators will also be able to use AirMap’s Digital Notice and Awareness System to communicate with participating air traffic control authorities and obtain digital authorization for flights in controlled airspace.

“Integrating AirMap platform services with the Kongsberg Geospatial IRIS display creates a powerful tool to enhance safety for commercial UAS operators as they take to the skies – and begin to fly beyond visual line of sight,” comments Ben Marcus, CEO of AirMap. “We’re excited to bring our airspace services to the commercial operators who use IRIS.”


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