Aero Kinetics Provides Online Platform for Leasing & Purchasing UAS

Fort Worth, Texas-based Aero Kinetics has launched an online platform for both leasing and purchasing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

New and existing customers can purchase production positions for either leased or purchased Aero Kinetics aircraft. The online ordering platform, as well as the lease and purchase agreements, provides enterprise customers with detailed pricing information to determine the number of systems needed to implement into their pilot or existing unmanned programs, the company explains.

By offering fixed monthly leases for domestic customers, Aero Kinetics says, corporate users are able to rapidly develop and deploy unmanned aircraft without the headaches of maintaining the fleet or the capital cost incurred on the balance sheet.

“Aero Kinetics’ base unmanned aircraft lease rates start at $3,999 per month, which includes system maintenance, service and support,” says W. Hulsey Smith, CEO of Aero Kinetics. “With our market demand and order backlog continuing to increase, our clients asked for a way to reserve production positions. We are happy to deliver by offering position deposits for $499 per system.”

Smith adds, “We are essentially the United Rentals or NetJets of unmanned aircraft. We provide companies and enterprise customers with a customized solution that is easy to implement.’

Aero Kinetics says it is continuing to develop critical teaming partners and select resellers to keep pace with customer demand both domestically and internationally.


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