3DR, Uplift Data Partners Partner for Drone Services


Chicago-based Uplift Data Partners has been designated as 3DR’s preferred commercial drone provider.

3DR will leverage Uplift Data Partners’ network of remote pilots to help customers capture 2D and 3D imagery using 3DR’s drone software, Site Scan, a drone data platform built for construction and engineering firms. It works with a variety of drones and makes it easy to autonomously capture aerial imagery, create and analyze high-resolution maps and 3D models, and share the imagery with key stakeholders.

While most 3DR customers have their own in-house drone program, the company found that its customers often require the flexibility to access a network of on-demand pilots for additional support. In turn, 3DR selected Uplift Data Partners to enhance and support Site Scan.

“Our partnership with Uplift Data Partners gives our customers more flexibility to collect the data they need, whenever they need it,” says Chris Anderson, CEO of 3DR. “By having direct access to an extensive network of highly trained pilots, our customers can easily conduct test flights or scale their drone operations depending on their project needs. We’re thrilled to work with Uplift Data Partners to make this possible.”

Suzanne El-Moursi, CEO of Uplift Data Partners, adds, “Drone service offerings are transforming from merely a la carte client requests to consistent client demands, so it is paramount that this requirement is met and fully integrated into the offerings of companies moving forward. We are proud to bolster 3DR’s quest in providing a complete set of offerings in drone software solutions.”

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