3DR Announces Sony R10C, Site Scan Integration for Detailed Drone Surveys


3DR has announced the availability of Site Scan, the company’s fully automated flagship aerial analytics platform, as an integrated bundle with Sony’s UMC-R10C camera.

3DR says Site Scan already has many customers in the construction, engineering and mining industries.

According to the company, the 20MP APS-C sensor captures 13 times more light than does a 1/2.3-inch sensor found in DJI drone cameras.

A larger sensor automatically translates into a higher signal-to-noise ratio and higher dynamic range. This, combined with the 20-millimter Sony SEL20F28 prime lens, dramatically improves image quality and the quality of the maps and models generated by Site Scan, says 3DR, which adds that the new camera allows Site Scan to achieve a resolution of 0.5cm/pixel.

For Autodesk users, the process to turn photos into data such as volume measurements and design surfaces requires no additional training or software outside of Site Scan. Instead, says 3DR, it revolutionizes the data or reality capture aspect of the workflow by allowing engineers and construction site supervisors to collect data, rather than hire specialists.

“The Sony R10C on Site Scan is an all-in-one enterprise solution that delivers users the most advanced commercial-grade camera available on the market,” says Chris Anderson, CEO and co-founder of 3DR. “Alongside one-click data collection, processing and analytics capabilities, Sony R10C on Site Scan integrates seamlessly with existing workflow applications so industrial users can survey, inspect and scan commercial worksites almost effortlessly.”

Earlier this year, 3DR was contracted by civil engineering and design firm Kimley-Horn to scan and survey the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. Through use of Sony R10C on Site Scan, Kimley-Horn was able to walk through an automated workflow from drone capture and create a highly detailed 3D model of the site. According to 3DR, the effort was integral in helping Kimley-Horn meet a number of goals set for the mission, including historical archiving of the park, modeling stormwater erosion, tracking trail maintenance, and building acoustics and lighting models for the amphitheatre.

Available now, the Sony UMC-R10C is completely integrated with the Site Scan app on iOS. The total package is available for an introductory price of $12,200, including the drone, camera and software, as well as full support.

Scan functionality, used for 3D models, and inspect mode, used for live inspections, will be available later this year. MOD-53044_3DR_Drone_Operator_FINAL 3DR Announces Sony R10C, Site Scan Integration for Detailed Drone Surveys

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