UAS Company Wants to Settle Down in North Carolina


Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) company Olaeris has selected North Carolina as its top choice for a U.S. headquarters facility.

Olaeris reports it is currently engaging Piedmont economic development leaders to identify the most promising location for what the company believes can become a leading research and development hub for the global unmanned aerial vehicle industry.

According to Olaeris, the first facility is expected to employ nearly 200 engineers, technicians, programmers, pilots, trainers and support personnel. A key electronics component supplier to Olaeris has also expressed interest in opening an adjacent facility once a site has been chosen, the company notes.

“We spoke to 19 states about the enormous economic impact domestic UAVs are about to generate and the thousands of new jobs that will be created,” comments Ted Lindsley, CEO of Olaeris. “However, the [NextGen Air Transportation] team at [North Carolina State University] demonstrated the clearest understanding of our company’s needs and our technology. Partnering together, Olaeris wants to become the foundation for a mechatronics hub in North Carolina, much like a Silicon Valley for robotics.”

Olaeris says it has developed AEVA, a flying saucer-shaped aircraft that can automatically launch, navigate and arrive to 911 emergency incidents in about 90 seconds. The company adds that AEVA gives police, fire and rescue teams early visuals of emergency situations so that they can adjust their response based on what is happening.

After each flight, Olaeris notes, AEVA produces a flight summary that can be published online, showing the public exactly when, where, why and how the aircraft was used.

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