Rail Freight Company Deploying Drones to Prevent Cargo Pilferage


706_pkp_cargo_ren_tunel Rail Freight Company Deploying Drones to Prevent Cargo PilferageIn order to protect itself against cargo theft, PKP CARGO – a rail freight company in Poland and the second largest operator in the European Union – has decided to use drones to monitor theft-prone areas.

The drone surveillance will help reduce pilferages of transported solid fuels, the company explains. The devices are equipped with different types of cameras – such as infrared – making them effective at night and in different types of weather conditions.

During the first 10 months of the year, the carrier says, it recorded almost 900 instances of coal theft. The total value of ensuing losses has been estimated at over 4 million Polish Zloty ($1.2 million). With the advent of winter months, PKP CARGO expects to see a sharp rise in the number of documented incidents.

“Pilferage of bulk commodities when moved by our company is a phenomenon we have been tackling for many years, and ensuing losses amount to as much as several million zlotys per year,” says Maciej Borecki, head of security and audit office at PKP CARGO. “In order to reduce the scale of this crime, this year we have decided to step up preventive measures and use the latest technologies.”

Photo courtesy of PKP Cargo

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