Precision Ag Drone Company Wins Industry Accelerator Grant

Boulder, Colo.-based Agribotix, a drone-enabled software company that provides advanced analysis for global agricultural applications, has been awarded $250,000 from Colorado's Advanced Industry Program.

The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade created the grant to identify and advance the most innovative, viable technologies that are created or manufactured in Colorado and exported globally.

Agribotix will leverage the grant to accelerate customer acquisition and implementation of its information products – facilitating rapid scaling in response to the growing global agricultural drone market.

With its focus on aerospace systems integration, clean technology and agriculture-specific drone technologies, Agribotix positions Colorado to capture a significant share of the global market for agricultural drones and services, the company says.

‘The state's commitment to innovation makes a tangible difference. This grant will accelerate our plans by almost a year,” comments Paul Hoff, CEO of Agribotix. “We've gathered data analysis requirements from farmers around the world. Part of the grant will be used to better understand our customers' needs and drive development of products that solve important agricultural problems.’


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