PowerUp & Parrot’s Paper-Airplane FPV Drone Hits Funding Goal in 4 Hours


PowerUp Toys says it reached its funding goal for the PowerUp FPV paper-airplane drone within four hours of launching the product on Kickstarter.

As of Nov. 13, the company has nearly $200,000 from backers; the goal was $100,000. PowerUp Toys partnered with Parrot to manufacture the device, a paper-airplane unmanned aircraft that creates a first-person-view (FPV) experience with a fully rotating, wide-view camera.

Users can control their flight with Google Cardboard or other smartphone-powered head-mounted display or through the PowerUp app.

“We are working hard to make this a reality and are thrilled with the response we’ve received from our backers,” says Shai Goitein, CEO of PowerUp Toys. “Our backers have proven to us that the idea to put a live video camera on a paper airplane is amazing. Moreover, people are excited to fulfill a childhood dream of flying through the air riding on a paper airplane.”powerup-fpv PowerUp & Parrot's Paper-Airplane FPV Drone Hits Funding Goal in 4 Hours

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