Kespry Enhances Drone System for Survey-Grade Applications


Kespry, an aerial intelligence platform provider based in Menlo Park, Calif., has rolled out enhancements, including higher performance and GPS capabilities, to the Kespry Drone 2.

According to the company, the enhanced Kespry Drone 2 achieves four to six times the accuracy of the previous system. The technology is suited for survey-grade applications such as mine planning, determining boundary lines, and positioning underground utility cables and pipes.

“Customers are looking for a complete drone solution that provides survey-grade accuracy – without sacrificing speed and convenience,” states George Mathew, CEO and chairman of Kespry. “The enhancements to the Kespry Drone 2 – bringing centimeter-level accuracy – exemplify how Kespry is innovating the industrial drone space through its aerial intelligence platform.”

When paired with an additional global navigation satellite system (GNSS) base station receiver, which serves as a single ground control point, the aircraft is available as the Kespry Drone 2s. During flight, imagery from the Drone 2s and data from the base station are collected simultaneously. Both data sets are then automatically uploaded for processing in the Kespry Cloud, where survey-grade data is automatically generated.

Kespry explains that the single ground control point simplifies survey applications because it eliminates the need for multiple control points and additional manual measurements in the survey process.

“When we started working with the Kespry Drone System about a year ago, we were trying to find ways to be more efficient,” says Murry Cline, vice president of operations with construction firm APAC-Central Inc. “We can now fly our Kespry Drone 2 over our entire 60-acre aggregate site in about 15 minutes. Previously, it would have taken us about a day or a day-and-a-half to do the inventories and a few more days to do the calculations.”Mine-Planning-Image-part-2 Kespry Enhances Drone System for Survey-Grade Applications

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