Kespry Caters Drone Platform to Insurers, Opens Software to Third Parties

Menlo Park, Calif.-based Kespry, provider of an enterprise drone platform, says it is moving deeper into vertical markets by making a formal entry into the insurance sector.

The platform will now offer insurance-specific functionalities, such as automated imagery analysis to assist claim adjusters. The company says its official entry into the insurance sector comes after extensive field tests and insurance-specific improvements, designed with customers and companies such as Hancock Claims Consultants, AMAT Roofing, CRU Adjusters and Superstorm Restoration.

Kespry’s automated aerial intelligence solution is designed to improve the property and casualty roof claim cycle. It provides claims adjusters and other insurance professionals with instant access to accurate data that is automatically processed and securely stored for immediate use. Data captured by the Kespry Drone delivers imagery with a resolution of 1 mm per pixel, which is capable of detecting granule loss and physical damage, the company says. Field and desk adjusters have access to comprehensive roof dimensions and automated damage detection, and on-site availability of rooftop imagery is made possible in less than 10 minutes.

The new Kespry Cloud also has sophisticated machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence designed to automatically identify hail damage. Customized wireframes are quickly produced for the entire roof, and automated dimension reports are instantly available for high-accuracy measurements. Insurers can then move data into common estimate generation software and claims management systems to complete the claims process.

“The easy-to-use and fully integrated Kespry Drone Platform enables major industrial companies to collect more accurate information more frequently, efficiently and safely. This drives greater cost-savings and business value,” says George Mathew, CEO and chairman of Kespry. “Now, insurers can dramatically improve the policyholder experience through shortened claim cycles while also reducing loss-adjustment expenses and minimizing liabilities and risks for field staff.”

The company says it is also making significant strides in improving its cloud platform. In addition to upgrades in scalability, security and reliability, the platform provides mapping, rendering, data analysis and analytics required in comprehensive aerial intelligence applications, the company says.

Kespry is also opening its architecture to third-party software providers to further extend its insurance capabilities and allow for easy integration with existing enterprise applications. To build and grow its ecosystem, Kespry has established a foundation for providing APIs for integration with third parties. This will also provide for bi-directional data-sharing between Kespry and other enterprise systems, the company explains.


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