Kespry Expands Drone Roof Inspection Solution


Kespry has announced new capabilities as part of its drone-enabled roof inspection solution.

New capabilities include the automatic creation of roof dimension data that can be directly processed in Xactware’s Xactimate solution to support more rapid repair estimation. In addition, enhancements to the Kespry iPad inspection app now enable the full power of the Kespry cloud to be used on-site within minutes of a drone inspection flight, the company says.

“With the need to resolve claims faster and more cost-effectively, our large insurance carrier customers asked Kespry to seamlessly integrate with their entire claims workflow,” states George Mathew, CEO and chairman of Kespry. “Until now, the estimating step of the workflow has been disconnected and closed to next-gen aerial intelligence. With this release, we’re dramatically reducing the time and cost required to get accurate roof dimensions into Xactimate while further supporting our clients’ efforts to resolve roof damage claims on-site and in under an hour.”

Working with several residential insurance carriers, Kespry developed the ability to pass its automated dimensional analysis from a drone inspection into Xactimate. This removes the manual step of inserting dimensions from a potentially out-of-date roof report, the company explains.

Kespry has further enhanced its ability to support residential roof claims resolution in less than an hour by providing the full range of inspection and analysis capabilities in its iPad application. These were previously exclusively available in its cloud application. Additionally, this provides the flexibility for carriers to support desk-based adjusting or field adjusting models using Kespry with no difference in workflow or capabilities, according to the company.

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